VOICE magazine is now out

Our Hearings Our Voice (OHOV) has published its brand new magazine ‘VOICE’ which aims to provide information, relaxation and entertainment to young people waiting to attend their children’s hearing.

VOICE was created for young people, by young people.

Children and young people shared that hearings can often be stressful and that many go into hearings feeling anxious and not knowing their rights. ‘Voice’ magazine addresses that by aiming to:

  •  Provide distraction and relaxation for young people before a hearing
  • Giving young people important information about their rights, and about what to expect in a hearing
  • Making links across other organisations who work with young people
  • Reaching out to young people across the country and letting them know they’re not alone

If you’d like a copy, please email Amy.miskimmin-logan@scra.gov.uk.

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