Co-production with children and young people

“IAP has given us opportunities we wouldn’t have had with any other groups”

Inclusion as Prevention (IAP) has produced a new report about co-production, that is intended as a resource for those working with children and young people who are considering a co-production, participatory or collaborative methodology.

Co-production, Co-design, Participation – or something else? documents the South Lanarkshire’s project’s use of co-production to measure change, to enable and encourage reflection for its workers and partners.

The project’s overarching principle is ‘to explore what happens when we focus the system on including people and helping them to do something rather than preventing something’. Young people participate in working groups, where they use improvement methodology as a structure to test out changes they identify as important to them, and other young people.

This report is based on work undertaken during the first three years of IAP’s five-year span. It explores to what extent this could be described as co-production, collaboration or participation, focusing on the various tests of change that IAP has completed, is currently working on, or that remain in the planning stages.

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